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Facebook Event Tips

4 Tips for Using Facebook Events to Boost Attendance

June, 2018

From throwing a small party at your office to hosting a nationwide conference with hundreds of guests, businesses should be utilizing the best free option for promoting their event – Facebook Events! 35 million people view a public event on Facebook everyday, which means easy exposure for you.  However,  what businesses don’t always understand is


3 Reasons to Diversify Your Social Media Presence

April, 2018

by Mackenzie Watts, Digital Manager “I’m on Facebook, why do I need to be on Instagram?” We receive questions like this one often. And while it may be a challenge to find the time to post to just one social media channel, here’s why you need to spread the love. You’re Missing Out on Potential Customers


Page Speed to be an Official Mobile Ranking Factor. Is Your Site Ready?

February, 2018

Mackenzie Watts, Queen of Account Management How long does it take for your website to load on mobile? The longer people are waiting, the more likely you are to lose those precious leads to your competitor with a better performing site. 53% of visits are abandoned if a mobile site takes longer than three seconds

Facebook News feed Changes

Our Take on the Facebook News Feed

January, 2018

Did you hear it?  Savvy marketers around the world shouting a collective ‘Oh-No’ on and around January 12, 2018?   That’s the day our friends at Facebook announced changes to their news feed. If you’re one of those still wondering what the future holds for this all-important marketing tool, well, read on as we have tried


3 Steps to Getting Started in SEO

September, 2017

Many people understand the importance of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), but aren’t sure how to get started. While SEO can be complex and requires commitment, there are several easy steps you can take today to get headed in the right direction! 1.    Complete and Optimize your Meta Tags This is one of the simplest things


5 Must-Have Elements for Your Website’s Homepage

May, 2017

Does your website’s homepage include these 5 elements? If not, you may be missing out on valuable leads. Make a great first impression by ensuring these key elements are part of your website’s homepage. 1. Brand Identifier People are driven to your website from all sorts of different channels. Tell them they’re in the right

Facebook Ads

Which Type of Facebook Ad is Right for Your Business?

February, 2017

Facebook has made it clear that for businesses to reach their ideal audience, they must pay to play. But with so many advertising options, it’s hard to know which is right for your business. The best place to start, as with any goal, is to determine your objective. As a business, what are you hoping


Stop Doing This to Increase Email Open Rates

October, 2016

Business users send and receive 121 emails per day and you expect your email to be read? Well you should. And here’s how. “Email remains the most pervasive form of communication in the business world, while other technologies such as social networking, instant messaging (IM), mobile IM, and others are also taking hold, email remains