Our Process

How We Build Brands

Our approach to building brands is more than a great logo or catchy tagline. Our methodology centers on how to define your customer, attract that customer and then engage them along their decision-making journey by providing valuable information specific to their needs. Once we start the process, we measure and evaluate and make changes as needed until we convert engaged prospects into buying customers.

How We Partner With Clients

Step One.
Meet with you to understand your values, motivations and business goals.

Step Two.
Determine if we have the skill sets to live up to the above.  Sometimes we can’t. Hey, we are an honest bunch around here!

Step Three.
Deliver a written marketing plan outlining  goals, audiences, branding, messaging, channels, timeline and budget.

Step Four.
Implement. Status Updates.  Measure.  Status Updates. Tweak. Status Updates. Implement.  (Ok, that was steps 4-10 all in one. Sorry!)

We are really pretty easy to work with.  Our unique client-partner approach makes the process even easier.